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The Archive highlights significant documents relating to Intimate Exchanges which are held in Archive by either Alan Ayckbourn, the Ayckbourn Archive at the University of York or The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. All material is copyright protected and should not be reproduced.

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Possibly one of the most famous publicity photographs for an Ayckbourn play, this promotional image for the world premiere of Intimate Exchanges at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough, features Bill Champion and Lavinia Bertam as all 10 characters. This pre-digital image was achieved by cutting out photos of the actors and pasting them into a photo of the set. (Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust)

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Alan Ayckbourn in the foyer of the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round with the board showing which version of Intimate Exchanges would be shown that evening. The evening’s specific itineration illustrated by the relevant scenes being lit up. (Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust)

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An unusual find in the Ayckbourn Archive is this illustration for the 1982 world premiere showing the layout of the 18 holes for A Game Of Golf. It is not known who drew it, but it’s not specifically accurate if Irene’s comment is to be believed that Toby would have had to have hit the ball over his head to reach the fourth from the tenth. (Copyright: Alan Ayckbourn)

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On 21 February 2006, Alan Ayckbourn suffered a stroke just two weeks before rehearsals for the first major revival of Intimate Exchanges were due to take begin. This article from the Yorkshire Post on 2 March 2006 reported the director Tim Luscombe would step in to direct the production. Tim directed the six permutations produced in 2006 with Alan Ayckbourn returning to direct the final two permutations in 2007. (Copyright: Yorkshire Post)
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The original publicity photograph (see left) was reproduced for Alan Ayckbourn’s 2006 revival at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. Bill Champion and Claudia Elmhurst here playing all 10 roles. The photo was taken by Tony Bartholomew and photoshopped to bring together all the characters into one image. (Copyright: Tony Bartholomew)

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For the 2006 revival, the original company of Robin Herford and Lavinia Bertram met Claudia Elmhurst and Bill Champion alongside Alan Ayckbourn (centre). behind them, the 2006 version of the foyer board illustrating each evening’s itineration of the play. These four actors are the only actors to have performed Intimate Exchanges in its entirety within the same production. (Copyright: Tony Bartholomew)

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Alan Ayckbourn, Lavinia Bertram, Robin Herford and the Intimate Exchanges company celebrate the 100th performance of Intimate Exchanges in 1983 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round. (Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust)

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Claudia Elmhurst during rehearsals for the 2006 revival of Intimate Exchanges at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. In the background is the director Tim Luscombe who stepped in for Alan following his stroke. (Copyright: James Drawneek)

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